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Clinical results on Crosslinked Hip Prostheses

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Clinical Results on Crosslinked Hip Prostheses

From 1977 to 1983 more than one thousand prostheses treated by the Gammalink process were implanted and a follow-up of more than 100 of these cases after twenty years, clearly demonstrated the excellent long-term clinical experience obtained from the implants treated with the process – a feature which currently is still absent in the more recently introduced crosslinked implants.

In a more recent clinical follow-up by Grobbelaar and Weber, who pioneered the use of prostheses crosslinked by the Gammalink process on an international level, it conclusively demonstrated the excellent in vivo wear properties of hip prostheses crosslinked in the late seventies by using the Gammalink process.  In this study it was pointed out that the crosslinked hip prostheses showed no detectable wear even after thirty three years!

This excellent clinical experience observed, resulted in the introduction of a contract gamma-radiation crosslinking service by Gammalink Medical for the treatment of prostheses made from UHMWPE.   The fact that the implant is treated after the manufacturing thereof, implies that a wide range of existing UHMWPE implants, both imported and manufactured locally, were treated by using the contract gamma-radiation crosslinking service of Gammalink Medical.  Since the commencement with the technique, more than 12 000 hip and other UHMWPE prostheses were successfully crosslinked and implanted in South Africa.

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