Radiation Modification of Synthetic Polymers in Orthopeadics

Clinical results on Crosslinked Hip Prostheses

Advantages of the Gammalink® Process in Prostheses

South African Suppliers of GAMMALINK® Crosslinked Prostheses:


Advantages of the Gammalink® Process in Prostheses

The Gammalink® crosslinking process has the following unique features:

  • excellent wear characteristics supported by more than thirty years’ clinical results.
  • elimination of wear-induced osteolysis.
  • the higher surface crosslinking results in superior visco-elastic properties.
  • the surface crosslinking limits surface oxidation of the polymer – an important cause of poor wear characteristics in UHMWPE prostheses.
  • the process can be applied post-manufacture to any UHMWPE prosthesis.
  • the process is highly cost-effective in enhancing the long-term clinical performance of the crosslinked prosthesis.
  • emanating from the enhanced surface crosslinking and the way in which the implant is packaged, highly reliable gamma sterilisation ( 25 kGy) can be used without the risk of  the radiation-induced oxidation of the surface of the implant.

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